Biorefining in a Circular Economy

Work Programme – The Activities of Task 42

The priority of the Task42 activities for the 2016 – 2018 triennium all have the goal to further contribute to the market deployment of sustainable biorefineries, and are mainly based on successful developments started in former triennia. Focus will be on international and national networking activities, standardisation and certification of biobased products, policy advice, the role of industrial and SME stakeholders from the bioenergy and biofuel sectors in the transition to a BioEconomy, and increased co-operation with other IEA Collaboration Programmes (i.e. IEA-IETS), IEA Bioenergy Tasks, and international organisations (FAO, OECD, EC DG JRC, EU ETIP and EERA Bioenergy, etc.

The Work Programme 2016 – 2018 is subdivided into 4 Activity Areas, viz.:

AA1: Biorefinery Systems – Analysis and assessment of biorefining in the whole value chain.

  • Deliverables: Biorefinery expert system [D1], Biorefinery fact sheets [D2], Upgrading industrial infrastructures to integrated biorefineries [D3].

AA2: Product Quality – Reporting on related biobased products/bioenergy standardisation, certification and policy activities at national, European and global levels.

  • Deliverables: International developments in biomass standardisation/certification [D4], Role Bioenergy and Biorefining in a Circular Economy [D5], Sustainable supply chains (JTP) [D6].

AA3: Evolving BioEconomy – Analysing and advising on perspectives biorefining in a Circular BioEconomy.

  • Deliverables: Monitoring of the Evolving BioEconomy in co-operation with EC DG JRC [D7], Biorefinery Success Stories [D8].

AA4: Communication, Dissemination and Training – Knowledge exchange by stakeholder consultation, reporting and lecturing.

  • Deliverables: Biorefinery Country Reporting [D9], Report Biobased Chemicals [D10], Report Proteins for Food/Feed and Industrial Applications [D11], Report Biobased Fibrous Materials [D12], Task42 dissemination items (brochure, banner, website) [D13-15], Task42 Progress Meetings [D16], Task42 Newsletters [D17], Training Activities [D18], Papers/lectures International Events [D19], Thematic Stakeholder Workshops (TSWs) [D20].