Work Programme – The Activities of Task 42

For this 2022-2024 triennium, the focus of the activities will be on:

  • provision of quantitative, scientifically sound, and understandable data on the technical, economic and environmental added-value of biorefining to co-produce bioenergy and bio-products in a sustainable way (TEE Biorefinery Assessment methodology, Biorefinery Fact Sheets, Report on the techno-economic assessment of the integration between green hydrogen and biorefinery processes, Synthesis report on biorefineries based on lignocellulosic waste and side streams and their potential contribution to a circular economy);
  • description of global implementation status, major deployment barriers and market data (Biorefinery database and web GIS, Biorefinery Country Reports and summary at end of Triennium, Report on Green Biorefinery Status, case study on biorefinery bottlenecks and solution strategies);
  • utilization of this international platform to actively stimulate cooperation and information exchange (Task42 website, lectures, webinars, broad stakeholder workshop, national stakeholder events).

The Work programme 2022-2024 consists of:

  • WP1 – Techno Economic Environmental (TEE) assessment of biorefinery and dissemination of results
  • WP2 – Global Biorefineries Atlas portal
  • WP3 – Current status of biorefinery deployment and best practice identification
  • WP4 – BIOCarbon-to-Chemicals by Integration of biorefineries and green hydrogen (BIOCCI)