A new publication on biorefineries in Austria

Jun 2024
External publications

A new publication on biorefineries in Austria 🌿 by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK) titled “Bioraffinerien in Österreich – Beispiele aus Forschung und Praxis” with input from the IEA Task 42 Members Michael Mandl & Johannes Lindorfer is now available.

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the current topics in biorefinery as a crucial component of the circular economy. It features:

  • Real-world examples and research projects showcasing various raw materials, by-products, and residual materials.
  • Innovative processes for valorization.
  • Insights into challenges and solutions from biorefinery experts.
  • Funding opportunities, research institutions, and technology providers.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, researcher, or simply interested in sustainable development, this publication aims to inspire and guide you toward new utilization pathways in biorefinery, contributing to a transformative circular economy.

📘 Get your copy – in german language only – at this link