Global biorefinery status report 2022

Jul 2022
Reports & Papers

The Global Biorefinery Status Report (GBRSR) aims to give an overview of recent biorefinery developments. First of all it is based on a summary of data and information that is reported by the representatives of partnering countries member states in the Task 42 Biorefinery Country Reports. This information was extended with important biorefinery initiatives in other countries outside Task 42. So, the status report gives a description of the current situation of biorefinery in a representative selection of countries: how many biorefineries exist, which types, which feedstocks, which technology, what products, etc. The overall goal of the GBRSR is to provide a scientifically sound source that will help to accelerate further development and the worldwide market implementation of biorefineries in the circular economy, for example by identifying trends and new developments. Focus is on IEA Bioenergy member countries. However, also other important countries/ continents are described in a qualitative way. An important part of the GBRSR is an analysis of the deployment status of biorefineries in the different areas of the world. Moreover, the report presents both, major technical and non-technical deployment barriers and applied/potential solutions to tackle these barriers. Furthermore, key examples were identified.

Annevelink – 2022 – Global biorefinery status report 2022