Setting up international biobased commodity trade chains

May 2014
External publications

Setting up international biobased commodity trade chains: A guide and 5 examples in Ukraine.

Setting up biobased production chains, from biomass feedstock to final biobased product (energy, chemicals, materials) is a complicated process in which a whole range of decisions have to be made. Choices include what feedstocks to use, arranging logistics and, most important of all, the locating of facilities to compact, dewater and convert the biomass into tradable intermediates and final products. Choices depend on the local conditions and factors such as the economy-of-scale of intermediate steps. These are complicated by the fact that biomass is produced dispersed (a low density per area) and is almost by definition bulky, low in energy density and generally contains considerable amounts of water. Also other aspects such as (local and international) market demands, regulations and competing applications for biomass feedstocks are relevant aspects.

The objective of this study was to develop an overview of possibilities, choices and trade-offs for production and trading of biobased commodities (e.g. raw materials and biobased chemical “building blocks” and fuels that may guide project developers and decision makers in the development of business cases.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency – 2014 – Setting up international biobased commodity trade chains