Avantium and Origin Materials to Accelerate the Mass Production of FDCA and PEF for Advanced Chemicals and Plastics

Avantium N.V. (“Avantium”), a leading technology company in renewable chemistry, and Origin Materials, Inc. (“Origin” and “Origin Materials”), a leading sustainable materials company based in the USA, today announced a partnership to accelerate the mass production of FDCA and PEF for use in advanced chemicals and plastics. The partnership aims to bring the technology platforms of both companies together in order to produce FDCA from sustainable wood residues on an industrial scale. FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid) is the key building block for the biopolymer PEF (polyethylene furanoate) – a 100% plant-based, fully recyclable plastic material, with superior functionality and a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics. PEF can be used in a wide range of applications such as bottles, packaging, films, fibers and textiles, which represent major end-markets.

More information can be found here.