CBE JU social media campaign on biorefineries

CBE JU is launching its “Biorefineries” social media campaign on Monday 13 March. The campaign will run until Friday 24 March.

It will feature the latest publication, “A competitive bioeconomy for a sustainable future”, showing how the 14 first-of-their-kind commercial-scale biorefineries funded by the joint undertaking tackle the challenge of replacing traditional industrial processes.

These highly innovative circular ‘factories’ produce sustainable bio-based ingredients, materials, and products from renewable resources, such as leftovers from agriculture, the food and wood industry, and many types of waste.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the innovative flagship projects, and the role they play in creating the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil market demands.

Keep an eye out for #CBEbiorefineries and be sure to like and share the posts from CBE’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.