Student Camp Biorefineries and Biobased Industrial Products

25 Feb, 2019 - 28 Feb, 2019
Location: Linz, Austria
Contact: Prof. Dr. Birgit Kamm
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Currently the industrial utilization of raw materials from agriculture, forestry, landscape conservation, and organic waste management for large-scale converting industry and chemical industry is still in its beginnings. The concept of a biorefinery is analogous to a petroleum refinery where a feedstock, crude oil, is converted to fuels, chemical products, and energy. In the case of a biorefinery, plant biomass is used as a feedstock to produce a diverse set of products for all areas of life, such as fuels, chemicals, polymers, lubricants, adhesives, fertilizer, and energy.

In February 2019, Wood K plus will organize a 3rd edition of the BioEnergyTrain Student Camp, where interdisciplinary groups of students  will work together for 4 days to find innovative solutions for complex, real-world problems in biorefineries together with experts from Wood K plus and furthers excellent biorefinery researchers as well as industrial represents. That the wood pulp industry represent the first type of nonfood biorefinery producing value-added products will student learn in the frame of lectures and a site  visit of Lenzing AG.