Webinar: Mission Innovation: Integrated Biorefineries programme

22 Jan, 2024 - 22 Jan, 2024
Location: Online
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Please register: here and forward this message in your network.

Mission Integrated Biorefineries aims at accelerating the development and deployment of integrated biorefineries for both biofuels and biochemicals. Our next workshop, organised by our partner from the UK, will focus on the second part.

We are to hold a webinar on 22 January 2024, concerned with how to improve the economic sustainability of biorefining by focusing on the higher value products of biorefineries.  We are expecting to use this as a platform to encourage further international collaboration between the stakeholder nations starting with existing mechanisms but hopefully moving to new or more novel mechanisms where interest from the academic and business community demand. 

The registration page is now live for our upcoming webinar Mission Innovation: Integrated Biorefineries programme and can be viewed here.  I invite you to register for the webinar and encourage through your network web page, your colleagues participate in the activities too, as we further the development of biorefineries activities internationally.

Mission Integrated Biorefineries has developed a roadmap with several actions and spent the last year getting to grips with how to support multilateral international collaboration across the stakeholder nations: Netherlands, India, Brazil, Canada, UK and EC.  We have held two webinars to date but it has proved difficult to engage the international academic and business community with little to offer initially beyond some good ideas and enthusiasm about collaborative working.  See reporting at: INTEGRATED BIOREFINERIES MISSION – Mission Innovation (mission-innovation.net)