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  • Final report EU Biorefinery Outlook to 2030 available

    Jul 2021

    In 2020 the European Commission DG RTD awarded a E4tech (Lead), Wageningen Research, BTG, FNR and iCons the “EU Biorefinery Outlook to 2030” study. The executive summary and study report is now available here. The report presents scenarios on how demand and supply for bio-based chemicals and materials could grow to 2030, and provides roadmaps […]

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  • MicroBioGen reports technology breakthrough in 2G biofuels

    Jul 2021

    MEDIA RELEASE Unique yeast strain converts non-food biomass to bioethanol and food, reduces emissions Sydney, 12 July 2021 — In a major technological breakthrough, Australian biotech company MicroBioGen has successfully demonstrated the production of both high-protein food and low carbon bioethanol from non-food material using a single biological agent. The breakthrough follows 15 years of […]

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  • Avantium and Roelofs construct the world’s first test road with lignin produced in the Netherlands

    Jun 2021

    AMSTERDAM and DEN HAM, 2 June 2021, 07:00 CEST – Infrastructure company Roelofs today starts the construction of the world’s first test road made from bio-asphalt with Dutch lignin. This lignin is produced by Avantium, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry. The fully plant-based lignin is used as a substitute for bitumen in asphalt, […]

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  • Collaboration Cosun Beet Company with Avantium

    Apr 2021

    Avantium is delighted to announce that Cosun Beet Company and Avantium are joining forces with the ambition to build and operate a plant-based glycols plant, to be operational in 2025. The envisioned joint venture intends to a acquire the world’s first Ray Technology™ license from Avantium. A fitting announcement for Earth Day! For more information, […]

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  • Sweden as a new member in Task 42

    Dec 2020

    Since this triennium Sweden is a member of IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefining in a Circular Economy. Sweden has a large interest in biorefinery development and not least development and deployment of industrial biorefinery concepts utilising lignocellulosic residues from the forestry and/or agricultural sector. In Task 42, Sweden is represented by PhD Johanna Mossberg, Vice […]

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  • LignoCOST newsletter May 2020 online

    Jul 2020

    The LignoCOST network (CA17128 -Establishment of a Pan- European Network on the Sustainable Valorisation of Lignin) is pleased to announce the launch of the 1st LignoCost Newsletter, which describes who they are, what their aim is and an overview of achievements and future activities. The LignoCOST network is closely working together with IEA Bioenergy Task […]

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  • Request to fill in questionnaire on TEE Assessment

    Jun 2020

    Biorefineries apply a cascaded-use of biomass for the production of food, feed, biobased products & materials, chemicals and energy. There is great potential to enhance the use of biomass by smart and highly integrated processing to deliver both products and energy. An integrated assessment (technical, economic and environmental – TEE) of technology pathways could provide […]

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  • Recent Bioenergy Australia Webinar supported by IEA Bioenergy Task42: Lignin and other sustainable carbon sources as metallurgical coal substitutes

    May 2020

    Australia is the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal. While Australia is a major player, it is envisaged that over time alternatives to coal will be required if global climate change is to be kept to levels that are not catastrophic to earth’s biosphere. Due to the specialist nature of metallurgical coal, it typically sells […]

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  • Four new IEA Bioenergy Task42 factsheets

    Feb 2020

    Four new factsheets have been published by IEA Bioenergy Task42: 2-platform (C5&C6 sugars, lignin) biorefinery to produce bioethanol, electricity & heat from corn stover; 2-platform (C5&C6 sugars, biogas) biorefinery to produce the biopolymer Polyhdydroxybutyrate (PHB), electricity & heat from sugar beet or sugar cane; 2-platform (C6 sugar, lipids) biorefinery to produce the biopolymer PLA & […]

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